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By David Grady

In a bit of a hurry? Here’s a handy infographic with everything you need.

Packing for a big business trip? A new wave of high-tech suitcases have hit the market, and it’s time for you to upgrade. Luggage has evolved from a necessary evil to a strategic asset for business travelers concerned about maximizing their productivity while on the road.

Like cell phones and televisions, luggage has gotten “smart,” and many suitcases now feature everything from USB charging ports and biometric security devices to built-in GPS tracking systems. And inside your bag, a host of new and innovative packing products can help you pack more efficiently and effectively, ensuring you’ll arrive at the big meeting in comfort and in style.

Three for the road

Here’s a look at three next-generation suitcase makers:

  • 1. Raden’s smart suitcases pair with a smartphone app/proximity sensor and feature an integrated scale to make sure you’ll never exceed the weight limit again. Most Raden models are also brimming with USB charging ports and several phone charging ports to ensure that you won’t find yourself out of juice when you need it. Just be sure to charge your suitcase before heading to the airport.
  • 2. Geniuspack touts its unique “laundry compression” technology and boasts a high-tech ventilation system that eliminates dirty laundry smells. Most models also feature compartments to help you pack your stuff in the most efficient manner possible. A built-in phone charger eliminates the stress of finding a compatible power source at a far-away airport.
  • 3. Trunkster also features an app, an integrated scale, global location capabilities, and multiple device charging ports. Its design is unique, having eliminated all zippers in favor of “roll-top access,” which is a retractable panel that slides up and down like a window blind.

With all these bells and whistles, these suitcases are not your grandfather’s Samsonite, folks.

Unload your shoulders

Here are some packing products designed to help you fit more in without breaking a sweat.

  • The Joyus luggage shelf defies logic and physics with its “walk-in closet folded into a carry-on bag.”
  • Packing cubes” are all the rage among savvy travelers. If you’re new to packing cubes, Amazon offers a wide selection. The cubes offer a modular approach to organizing your gear, allowing you to be creative and agile on the road – just like you are back in the office.

Clearly, it’s time to embrace the next generation of packing technology, but that old travel adage still rings true: bring half the clothes and twice the money.